Gutting and Cleaning

2005 Ford E350 Commercial Cargo Van

We starting ripping the walls off. Below are some before and after pictures of what we have done so far. We ran into issues with some rust on the bolts on the floor and a few on the side paneling. Ryan has to take it to work to cut them off and needs my help for some of them so we still have to do those. We did get all the grey paneling off all of the doors. Its not a lot, but hey, its progress! P.S. I can never get Ryan to take a serious picture. 

We spent the majority of a Friday night ripping out the floors and the rest of the walls. Let’s be honest.. Ryan did all the work. The bolts holding the floor down were way to rusted to try to screw them out so Ryan had to individually hand saw each one off. This took a few hours but we were so happy when everything was cleared out. 

Ryan has been super busy with his full time job and on top of that trying to start his own business so he has been a little stressed lately. I decided to try to help out a bit and surprise him with a clean van when he got home. Lets be real.. this thing was DISGUSTING under the wood floors and walls. 

I started with some soapy water and a rag to wash the walls, I swear I was rinsing my rag every 2 inches (it was THAT bad). I ending up using a hose to get most of the floor clean. After rinsing with water, I still had to scrub a lot of the dirt off the floor. 2 hours later, I ended up getting some scratches and bruises but it was well worth the shiny white interior to start fresh. Not to mention, Ryan was very happy when he got home 🙂 Now, onto the roof! Our next step is figuring out how to extend the roof so we can both stand. Stay tuned!


None! Thank goodness cleaning is priceless 🙂 Just hard work and some elbow grease is all it took

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