All I want in my life is simplicity. To walk outside and enjoy the nature around me. To absorb the breathtaking views the world has to offer. To travel and meet new people and learn about their culture and what makes them happy. 

People today are so consumed by their phones and caught up in social media with filters, Photoshop, and judging others. I want to put that all behind me. The world is harsh enough as it is, we don’t need peers around us judging our every move. Just be yourself, be genuine, and let people do their thing.  I want to be raw, real and authentic in the way I present myself.

So starting today, I am cleansing my past. Deleting all my old lame social media pictures and starting fresh with capturing the natural beauty around me everyday. If I’m authentically me, the people that I will attract are the people that I want in my life and the people that don’t approve can move along.

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