I have an Etsy shop!

I’ve always felt like I have an old soul and this hobby reinforces my feelings. One day at work, my office manager was crocheting and I asked her to teach me. I started small with little blocks and scarves, and eventually grew into making blankets.

Currently, I crochet at work on conference calls. You might think this is weird, but it benefits me a lot. It keeps my hands busy during the calls so I can focus on listening, otherwise, I’d be checking my email, searching google, or scrolling through something on my phone. After realizing how much I loved the hobby (and how expensive it was for the yarn), I hoped other people would enjoy my creations as well! So I decided to try to sell some blankets on Etsy.

As of right now, I don’t have the bandwidth to do custom blankets because they take a lot of time to make. In the future, I plan to crochet in our van in my free time and hopefully will be able to do custom requests from around the US. Check out my shop at the link below and don’t hesitate to comment or ask any questions!

Shop my Etsy store here

Grey and Purple striped blanket
Taupe and blue chevron blanket
brown ombre blanket
black and white striped blanket
blue and white baby blanket

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